Buick GL8 7 seats

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colour:银色      seat:7seat      Daily rent:700RMB     

Hongqiao Airport:300RMB      Pudong Airport:350RMB

Super kilometer price:6Yuan/km      Super hour price:60Yuan/hour

The details are subject to the actual product, and the pictures are for reference only!

Car rental model:Buick GL8  7 seats

Rental: 700 yuan (RMB)
Basic fee: 8 hours 100 kilometers
chao hours: 60 RMB / hour
ultra-kilometer: 6 yuan / km

costs include: driver wages + petrol + insurance
extra cost: the bridge tolls parking fees + ultra-hour ultra-kilometer costs

 Notes :

1.Basic daily driver working time is  8 hours.

2.Rental includes:petrol(for 100km/day),driver wage,whole set of vehicle insurance,rental tax invoice,road construction tax.

3.Surcharge for the hirer:parking(if any),toll(if leave/enter Shanghai),driver OT/excess km(if any).

4.Driver's basic working time is 8 hours/day,5 days/week.
Driver working time table is flexible and can be adjusted or customized by the Hirer.OT can be calculated on a monthly base.Please fully discuss with us about your request.